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The Hongdu Hotel (Zhuhai Hongdu Jiudian) is convenient to Gongbei Port,  pedestrian street and a department store.
Each room comes with free broadband internet access and all the standard amenities.
Food choices include Chinese and Western Cuisine,  with a coffee shop on location.
Meeting rooms and a business center are conveniently accessible for guests.[View Detail]         

住客评论 583条评论     3.9分/5分 更多
  • e01128559
    Open the window of the room, fresh smell, like
  • e01110333
    Much more expensive hotel booking,
  • bensonwoo2003
    Very clean, service, quiet location
  • lovelydoudou
    Environment in General, all the ID card register, no registration no hotel room troubles
  • liyg717
    Building b is broken, feel and appearance of the hotel is not a level
  • ivy_song1980
    Good is from the attractions are very near
  • circlecle
    Hotel is an old hotel, is a hotel, main building, annex, almost, is still recommended staying at the main building, acceptance will be relatively high.
  • d03222556
    We are building a hotel was quiet, health is OK, service, room was a bit small, no eating in the hotel, turn left out some hotel, location, we take the kids to long, taxis past 85, if you go by bus to transfer there, not too easy,
  • pangyun
    Price, location, environment and value-for-money!
  • snowy05
    Which is very nice
  • sallyll
    Room is very large, equipment is old, the bathroom can also ... ...
  • e02648522
    Transportation is convenient, the rooms are good
  • Ronnie.Ma
    Good, clean, very good location
    Good good good good good
  • E01404964
    The environment is good
  • anisolm
    Location is not wrong, location is not wrong, the room air, good health condition, overall feel good, the price is affordable, short bit is no disposable slippers, feeling good!
  • BU Pig
    Very bad service worse
  • stevendong
    Acceptable, reasonable prices, good sanitary conditions are not the best, you can accept that.
  • fangfang1004
    So so
  • e00813602
    Room comfortable and clean no better accommodation in the pressure equipment business
  • leexinxin
    Building of the hotel is a few houses reconstruction, were poor, and poor noise, noisy at night. hotel charges will not tell you, a bottle of mineral water on the table 15. parking more than check out time will be charge an additional fee of 10 yuan per hour, so there are many other hotels in the vicinity of the case, a carefully chosen this hotel!
  • namebylc
    To walk 20 minutes for North port, is ten Yuan is not the meter. the feel is good, the rooms at the luxury bed central air-conditioning for heating problems,
  • abc122
    To walk 20 minutes for North port, is ten Yuan is not the meter. the feel is good, the rooms at the luxury bed central air-conditioning for heating problems.
  • ellyn123
    CP values good
  • wing3141124
    the shower and toilet is too bad. the floor was not clean enough in my opinion.
  • applestar217
    It's OK
  • vincent_young
    Live in building b, well than you thought! is also more convenient to eat around, elsewhere traffic is also convenient. room very large indeed!
  • agamp
  • ferryboard
    Facility too old, room air is poor, poor sanitary conditions.
  • baoxiaoxiao
    So so
  • actus
    Try to do
  • edwardliufeng
    It's not bad
  • lilian1300
    Location is very convenient, coming from the Gongbei port don't expect to fight, to be slaughtered, because it is too close to the recommended seat 101 silver bus to get off, is behind the bus station. go directly to fight, express opened to the last drop, one minute direct bus master to the door to leave. Lived last year, is also building a, up and down is too much trouble, no need to take the elevator. the living room sofa chairs, larger, gave them fruit, while Apple is a bit bad, Is also a gift. This price in arch North, really of is too praise has! can to next door silver are tea Emperor Temple dinner, also is praise! live even has, silver are price turned times, sleep a sleep didn't necessary Ah. taxi to marine Kingdom 61 Yuan, Dragon Boat Festival master Ken playing table past, because said can with people came arch North, usually is is unlikely to willing to of. recommends also can to Zhuhai station export there sat long long arch North car, 15 block money a people, 40 minutes direct midway kept by.There are buses, you want to go over it.
  • Daicy
    It's OK
  • Longboy1973
    Room is too noisy, services need to be more careful, services to clear
  • array
    Easily accessible, hotel facilities, hotel may be old relationships, and overall was good, satisfied, Oh!
  • jameswnj
    Hope to scheduled this hotel of friends are reference. I to of recommends is do don't select this. 1. online of room photos with actual staying of room is not as of, hotel has several building, behind of two building should is farmers housing reform loaded then connection in with of, if in online scheduled, you will was distribution to is rotten of a, building, b building. 2. Poor room, the midnight knock on the door and the door (estimate because there are three, rooms, and is the same), LingDon't know what time in the morning, voice, sound, were busy arguing. 3. After checking out, we went to visit Macao, came back and asked by 10 yuan per hour for parking, this hotel is not going to tell you in advance of the oh. 4. Hotel credit card sale right, continues to give you a receipt, if receipts fell, credit card authorization and no 5. Hotel no breakfast, no queues, check out without the invoice can spend 20 minutes! One word, bad!
  • lucentlove
    Hotel has two buildings, there is a guest house. the room is too small, there's no window. bathroom Windows are not shut, can climb up from below, too insecure.
  • Benerlo
    II. feeling good
  • bestross
    Very good
  • ll_mm
    Location is good, room setting is also very good, check-in and check out quickly, service attitude is good, people very uncomfortable feeling, recommended hotels.
  • alinaL
    Which is very nice!
  • al2ping
    Convenient room, around the naozhongqujing.
  • LifeMe
    Good, cost-effective. for just a brief stopover for travelers, here is a good choice. the hotel also offers free parking at 4 o'clock in the afternoon the next day, 10 4 points after one hour.
  • e00086923
    Although it has been renovated, but still have some shortcomings ... ...! To improve service ... ...
  • ymwyan
    All right.
  • tianmayanjun
    Deluxe room is larger, room facilities is OK, though a bit old, but clean and tidy, very good location, convenient shopping from the Gongbei port and very close to the train station
  • e00114473
    Breakfast is very good!
  • baby681027
    Well, that price was worth!
  • dutao401
    Which is very nice