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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Hotel Zhuhai hongdu (Hong Du Hotel Zhuhai), L'hotel è situato nella zona commerciale più prospera a Gongbei, adiacente al porto Gongbei, strada pedonale, centro commerciale Wanjia, strada degli amanti del sud, parco nuovo Yuanming, con posizione superiore e viaggio conveniente.
L'hotel è un hotel collegato all'estero che integra alloggi, catering, intrattenimento e svago. L'azienda ha investito più di dieci milioni di yuan per ridecorare l'edificio principale e l'edificio B, aggiungendo camere e appartamenti standard nella costruzione a.Le camere sono nuovissime, alla moda, eleganti e confortevoli, con accesso a Internet a banda larga e strutture di supporto complete. Sono la scelta migliore per affari, viaggi e tempo libero.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • alvinwws
    Comfortable environment, affordable price!
  • elynciel
    Hotel management services, facilities, convenient, cost-effective, and recommend.
  • Danlon
    OK ~ rooms looked pretty clean! Weekdays are cheaper.
  • cjw796
    Can can can can can can.
  • moderatto
    Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
  • alifese
    Hotel has rooms at many times the biggest feature is the parking lot is very large.
  • colinsevier4
    Which is very nice
  • renwoxing605
    High performance-price ratio, although is a KTV on the edge, but not noisy. environment is good, take a few minutes to walk
  • a43639616
    Guest House, but the location is good, easy parking
  • bear_ping
    Surprise is the kind of family room bed room, one large and one small! regret clause four, got only three! hotel for a standard room, demotion rather than upgrade! but overall very happy with! will select it next time!
  • array
    Easily accessible, hotel facilities, hotel may be old relationships, and overall was good, satisfied, Oh!
  • e01759754
    Relatively warm, staff were very active with the luggage
  • ellyn123
    CP values good
  • lc60021
    Also convenient
  • coloramour
    Away from mark not too far, from Lotus road has been go to end junction is Regency Hotel, opposite road left side is hung are hotel. hotel has a small garden and parking, so rooms not by road, night sleep is quiet. live of is luxury room, with online pictures of as, bed big toilet big. price good. playing taxi forget took luggage box, hotel security is good help I see video note license plate number, let I good back taxi driver took back I of luggage, or staying also didn't clothes for hasAnd like a ... ... and next time I go to Zhuhai but also will stay.
  • jade_lai
    Location suitable for both business travel and reasonable price, dining and shopping convenience, recommended
  • gaoyuan8243
    Location good, but no Wi-Fi in the room, hotel no facilities, twin size bed room!
  • ivan_bin
    All right!
  • cmcm_12
    Good location, travel, eat, shop, play, including special service, with convenient
  • ll_mm
    Location is good, room setting is also very good, check-in and check out quickly, service attitude is good, people very uncomfortable feeling, recommended hotels.
  • cosani
    Convenient transportation facilities.
  • adelejiang
    Building better suite was spacious, quiet, and attention to detail, soft bed, toilet, large and bright, the drawback is room in a little smell, don't think ventilation screens, the fear of mosquitoes, hotel improvements.
  • e01733273
    Needless to say, frequent, good location, convenience, not far from the Gongbei port, shopping is more convenient.
  • ga1mi2
    Older hotels, the structures inside, two living room went like a maze, memory does not know how to go.
  • susangetup
    A nice hotel, very close to Macau's Customs Office, near the snack a lot, next time it will be to live, also introduced friends to live
  • cppccarol
    Can feel good
  • e00608828
    Overall feels good, ideally, want to go to Hong Kong, the hotel was very close to the port, and took a taxi to the starting price, nor get very far ... service was very helpful! facility is also in line with the price!
  • a881119
    Very old hotel. But kept very clean. Location is also good. Basically is a two-star price but Samsung's hotel. Overall nice.
  • datavoice
    Located on the back of the House into the poor out lines, broadband in the room not available
  • e00087955
    Very good in all aspects, the only satisfaction is hotel there's no WIFI? only the lobby has this very human, which star hotel without WIFI?
  • weiyudong119
    The price is a high! small! around the downtown area!
  • alice19999
    Distance arch North Station is near, due to too tired was Zhuhai taxi driver cut has big 50 block, Pro-are sat bus to's is near. environment good, past next door of silver are Hotel eat of rice. live of a, building, go to II floor is elevator sat, I live of three floor, didn't didn't necessary has. WiFi soon, room within facilities complete, noise does not is good. next has opportunities also live this, affordable. earlier set Dragon Boat Festival during standard double also only 210.
  • tianmayanjun
    Deluxe room is larger, room facilities is OK, though a bit old, but clean and tidy, very good location, convenient shopping from the Gongbei port and very close to the train station
  • Atene
    Hotel is very old, book hotel was not only this-!
  • dumping1
    The hotel guests staying for the first time, cost-effective, if on a business trip to Zhuhai will choose next time.
  • rassin
    Hotel location is very good, is not convenient for breakfast, the room smell so great.
  • lingxuan1066
    Feel good don't imagine terrible, mainly from the Gongbei port near, around eating, overall OK now
  • ciyling
    Room had a damp smell, much ventilation lines. facilities are complete. Samsung standards. From the gate close, walk more than 10 to 20 minutes. 51 people live too much breakfast did not come, so there is no breakfast available.
  • gos13net
    Good location, very convenient to eat and ride, parking space enough, you can stay.
  • jennifer5586
    Next to the Club, I don't feel like it. the hotel is not far from the mark, but to Zhuhai will not go in the evening, waiting for a taxi for a long time.
  • e04606548
    OK, thank you, thank you, thank you
  • alfred56789
    So, in General, parking is free of charge.. other seems not very good ... a lot of noise
  • Jammbo
    Do not upgrade deluxe room live
  • dsfgtf
    The location was excellent, hotel suitable for both vacation. the price is right. recommended.
  • axyne
  • renaultwu
    Too bad
  • joysusu
    Not near from the port to the far
  • dcyx20030908
    Gongbei port close and convenient
  • sunnyday1991
    Good location, not far from the mark. older hotel, reasonable price
  • eva Abe
    Very ordinary rooms but also walking not far from the pedestrian street