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Zhuhai: Mid-Autumn evening party, the National Day of the new yuan Ming palace magic "seize fresh look"

Date: 2013-09-04

As a cultural park in New Yuanming Palace in zhuhai Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday will continue to highlight the content, bring a splendid festival culture feast for the general public.
Later, on September 13, sponsored by the zhuhai municipal party committee propaganda department, the city government, our festival, Mid-Autumn festival - 2013 zhuhai Mid-Autumn evening party will be held in the light of new yuan Ming palace square. Performance adjust measures to local conditions, to economize, highlight the atmosphere of joy auspicious reunion, give priority to with singing and dancing, the evening hours 100 minutes, the new song "our festival", which can reflect the content of zhuhai local intangible dance "by", "flower sleeves" and playing the zhuhai-macau singer become the biggest bright spot.
During October 1 to 7, New Yuanming Palace roll out ceremoniously "National Day seven tianle, National Day carnival" activities, invited one of China's top ten magician and magic talent Oriental Yin Yanchun, bring the rockets in the body, "human segmentation", "fishing", "transition transposition beauty disappeared, the body suspension and other top magic, New Yuanming Palace art troupe will also decent. At that time, will also introduce multiple benefits, let citizens National Day enjoy magic feast for seven days brings the infinite fun and surprise.