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Zhuhai local brands products exhibition seafood cuisine popular

Date: 2012-10-27

Report from our correspondent yesterday, the "2012 zhuhai local brands products (kunming trade fair" held in international exhibition center, exhibition 81 zhuhai famous enterprises and business association, product covers eight household electrical appliances industry, product categories amounted to more than 300 varieties. Opening ceremony, the zhuhai kunming between 10 companies signed a sales cooperation projects worth 2.226 billion yuan.
Early have citizens were called to the international convention and exhibition center for zhuhai exhibition hall opened, until around noon, the pavilion will be officially open to the public, at this time, waiting for you outside the pavilion of many citizens into the museum, an enter a door is olive oil booth, many housewives and elderly people, stop in front of the booth, aunt wang that you would step from xiong deyou, said here on display in the olive oil is a barrel 100 yuan cheaper than at the supermarket, the supply of goods, however, were not shipped to kunming, so many people are not able to buy. Seafood booth more traffic, the price of 190 yuan per jin scallops, less than half an hour then sell 20 kg, merchants happily told reporters: "we a year sales, the follow the zhuhai municipal government to do sales, sales is good", said and the meaning of happiness.
Other display and gree air conditioning, it is reported that the zhuhai local brands commodity fair, gree electric appliances (000651, shares) and kunming business agent for the sale of the contract is the maximum amount of all cooperation projects. Other booth also exhibited printing supplies, clothing bags and other products.