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The sixth wave business conference held in zhuhai

Date: 2014-12-07

There is the place of the water there is teochew, where there is a market, there is a tide.Tide is one of the big three merchant groups in our country.Since ancient times, teochew sea for a living, and gradually develop to wade the sea venture business, forging a risk-taker, perseverance, good at competition, creative entrepreneurial spirit;Spring from li ka-shing, chin sophonpanich, dhanin, ma and other large merchant elite.Tide business conference since founded in 2005, successively in shantou, nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places successfully held five sessions, become a important platform of tide, promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, has become a city government promote foreign investment environment, investment promotion and capital introduction of event.Zhuhai hipster chamber of commerce in 2012 to the hosting of the sixth wave business conference in zhuhai.
The sixth wave will be around "the snow-covered zhuhai, trade show future" theme.During the meeting, in addition to the grand opening and closing ceremonies, investment promotion, chaoshan four city famous quality products expo, colorful activities such as civic party, also will arrange industrial docking exchange, attending entrepreneurs will be divided into real estate development, finance, department stores, logistics, catering, farming, livestock, aquaculture, electronic science and technology group, and other five industries and swap discussion, to promote the exchange of information and seeking cooperation opportunities.The assembly also will work hard to create conditions to let waves from all walks of life business face to face in-depth discussion and exchange experience, make the meeting more practical significance.In order to make the boom in more details about the zhuhai development results and good investment environment, investment promotion conference will be a special arrangement.Then, by the municipal government and the relevant person in charge of hengqin new area to show the tide, zhuhai hengqin new area and the latest development situation, the preferential policies and investment opportunities, and the cooperation project signing ceremony, will build the tide business convention business opportunities into investment results in a timely manner.
According to statistics, zhuhai existing teochew are about 300000 people, with teochew love spell will win the entrepreneurial spirit, with diligence and wisdom, and make great contribution to the urban construction and economic development of zhuhai.Of unity cohesion of business entrepreneurs, in November 1998, the zhuhai chamber of commerce set up wet person.At present, has developed entrepreneurs more than 800 members, the impetus of the development of zhuhai's social and economic powerhouse.