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lixdonscore:1.8 / 52018-09-16

Seriously believe that lived is by far the oldest. 4 stars to the blinded eye. dirty. night was loud. Quilt to sleep very itchy. to 3.4 points to fall asleep at night!
littlebat1982score:3.3 / 52018-08-28

Double room I booked a musty smell, and found that the exhaust fan is broken only at night, hotel bad repair, ask for a room, double room hotel reply did not equal, can only give me one big bed room we sleep less two large beds, sleep well at night, really upset. Hotel overall feeling in General.
boboo108score:3.3 / 52018-08-22

Location is good, from the port is near,
maninflyscore:4.8 / 52018-08-21

Is satisfaction of, environment also is good, room is clean is quiet, also has small of water machine, and toilet specifically distribution has two article wipe towel, is carefully is warm, is air conditioning straight blow bed, blow long has not comfortable. hotel next door has Northeast dish, Japan cuisine, again far one points has Shanghai dish and bread shop. breakfast to sent to room in eat, compared simple but not is is your, is call called breakfast Shi customer service said they not know day breakfast eat what, clearly day staying Shi told has a withinLine number that you can call to ask what to eat, and later to another number, call was strange, says I dialed the number of reservations, but was brought up again later.
jennyjanescore:5.0 / 52018-08-14

Feel pretty good
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